What is the easiest, most simple way

to start my doTERRA business?

Congratulations on starting your doTERRA journey. The purpose of this page, is to gain a clear understanding of what essential oils are, how your doTERRA business works & what training system you should begin with. Lets get started.


Basics To Getting Started

  • 1. How Do I Access My Back Office, Place Orders And Enroll New People?
  • Go to www.mydoterra.com
  • Login: Your IPC #
  • Password: Ask your enroller for your password.
  • Back office training: Coming Soon
  • 2. How Do I Contact doTERRA?
  • Phone: 800-411-8151
  • Email: service@doterra.com
  • Website: mydoterra.com
  • 2. Why Should I setup my Loyalty Rewards Order?
  • You will need to set up your Loyalty Rewards Order immediately at a minimum of 100pv to start receiving commissions (set this now so you don’t miss out) & start earning 10%-30% back. Click on Manage LRP orders on the home page of your back office to set up and customize your Loyalty Rewards Order.

    Loyalty Rewards Program


    We Want To Support You! Get Connected With Our World Wide Team

  • 1. Essential Oil Expert Team Call
  • Every Monday at 9pm MST, we do a team call. It is a 30 minute call where we cover critical announcements, product training, business training and hear from people just like you who share their tips and success.

  • 1. Live: 712-432-0375 Code: 1091412
  • 2. Recorded: 712-432-0379 code: 1091412 Press # to listen to the most recent
  • 2. Essential Oil Expert Facebook Group
  • We have a private Facebook group for our team. It is one of the most important ways that we can support you. Here you will receive additional business building training, updates from doTERRA and incentives and promotions. Search for “EOE Leaders” on Facebook or click here.


    60 Day Training Program

  • Learn Everything About Your doTERRA Business in 60 Days:
  • 1. Your Business Training Begins Here:

    The 60 day mentoring program covers everything from sampling, inviting, following up, teaching classes, building outside your area, daily habits and much more.The best part about it is that the calls are only 15 min.

    How Do I Start The 60 Day Training Program? There Are 2 Ways:

  • #1: By Phone: Call 951-262-3794 ext 201 for day 1, 202 for day 2 etc up to 260 for day 60.

  • #2: By Computer: Go to www.oilsu.com and login in and access them. Your user name is your IPC number and your password is your IPC number and the number 1. Once logged in click “My Student” in the top left and then you will see “Mentor Calls” as one of the tabs you can click on. click here
  • ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

    How Do You Get Paid?

    Before You Watch The Video Read Through doTERRA’s Earnings Report. This will help you understand the opportunity that is a side benefit of doing what we love. Serving, Educating & Empowering People To Live Healthier Lives. Also to earn commission with doTERRA you must have an Loyalty Rewards Order of 100PV (Product Value). 100PV is different than $100 because some products have a lessor value. You should have learned about this in the above videos.

    >>Click Here To Read About Your Earning Potential

    Watch A Explanation Of The Compensation Plan

    If you have completed all of the above items? Move on to the next section and learn about additional essential oil resources & how to take action.

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    Essential Oil Expert Phone: 702-518-6457. .
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