When you have 5 young kids, two strong willed parents and a desire to serve and empower others to be their absolute best, life feels a lot like a roller coaster. Have you ever wondered what it might look like to turn your passion for natural health, for serving, for success and balance it with being a parent and a spouse? Well, I think you'll be surprised at what it has looked like for us and hopefully see that it's not only possible for you, but we are excited to help.

Just watch the video..

We discovered doTERRA almost 6 years ago through some close friends who knew that we were searching for ways that we could support our children’s health through natural solutions. It was so important to us that we did our homework and knew that we were using the absolute highest quality oils, that the company was run with integrity, and that its mission was focused on serving others.

With 4 wildly precious boys and our own active schedule, we were always searching for natural solutions to stay ahead of any seasonal threat. It wasn’t until my husband’s business fell apart that I asked myself a very important question:

If I could combine my passion for something I love, empower other families, and build an income… why wouldn’t I at least try?

Well, I don’t really “just try” anything, (haha) so once I had my sights set and there was no turning back. There was struggle, personal growth, incredible miracles, and friendships created along the way, but Kyle has now been home for 2 1/2 years.

We feel so blessed to be able to wake up everyday and create the life we want. We travel with our children and support causes in ways we never could before. Most importantly, we seek out and help other inspired people to start on the same path.

Kyle and I have come to call this “The PURE POWER Path.” A path that allows you to tap into the creation of a purpose driven life. A life of freedom, meaning and abundance. A life that allows you to live your absolute highest self.

I can’t let my wife do all the talking, someone has to at least share my side of the story

I remember the question that sparked everything, “Would you support me if I decided to build a business with doTERRA?”

We had been using the essential oils for about 4 months and every time I came home she had another experience to share about how she felt empowered and how they had helped her support our children’s health naturally.

But when I heard that question, I said the infamous words, (That I will never live down)

“Sure… you go build the girl’s oils club and I’m going to build some real businesses.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love and support my wife, but I just couldn’t grasp how doTERRA and essential oils would be the vehicle to accomplishing our dreams and goals.

We have always shared a desire to be involved in a cause that could change people’s lives, be free to serve, and help other people who felt like we did accomplish the same thing, but, I honestly just couldn’t see how doTERRA would be the answer. She could see something for our family that my heart and mind had just not been open to yet.

It’s a good thing God gives the important messages to our wives, I think he knows they will actually listen.

As we used the oils in our family, as I met and developed relationships with the owners of doTERRA, and as I supported my wife on this unexpected journey, I knew in my heart that this was the vehicle that we had been searching for, but had been missing.

It didn’t take long for me to come home from my business, work with my wife and completely embrace this unexpected journey of a lifetime.

I believe that what God has in store for our lives will transcend even our wildest dreams if we are open to becoming better through adversity, willing to open our hearts to the unexpected and embrace the signs that keep showing up in our lives.

One of the greatest blessings that I believe this path has offered us and also offers YOU is the ability to choose, the ability to have options. Go travel with your children, support causes you love, lead and inspire others, unplug yourself from living a life building other people’s dreams and step forward to claim your own.

We have come to call this the “PURE POWER” path. A path that allows you to tap into your highest self and live a purpose driven life? A life of freedom, meaning and abundance.