Ready to Learn? 4 Important “Back To School” Essential Oil Tips

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Back to school with essential oils

Ahhhh, it’s that time of year again, the sound of early alarm clocks screaming, the hustle of getting everyone out the door on time, the afternoon homework assignments, excitement for new friends and the dreaded seasonal threats. School is back in session!

To keep your wee ones healthy this season, there’s no other better natural solution essential oils. Try these handy dandy tips this season to support your children’s health

Tip 1 – Don’t be caught off guard, wash those paws!

“Studies show that proper hand washing DOES prevent the risk of catching a cold. Teach your child to wash his or her hands after every bathroom trip, before every meal, and after playing at school or at home. The CDC recommends singing “Happy Birthday to You” twice, as that’s the length of time it takes (20 seconds) to slough germs off while washing hands with warm, soapy water.” -webmd
Use the immunity blend in a Hand Wash. With it’s thick and creamy foam, citrus aroma, skin softening properties and cleansing abilities, this is the perfect addition for every sink in your home. And when you’re not near a sink, try the immunity blend Hand cleansing Wipes. Additionally, immunity blend essential oil is safe to cleanse counter tops, surfaces or purifying your environment by diffusing.

Tip 2 – Get cozy with the friendly bacteria!

Give your family support, digestive support that is. Try a probiotic for optimal digestion function and immune protection with probiotics. Medical science regards intestinal microflora or “friendly bacteria” as necessary in the human body.

  • -Supports healthy digestive functions and immunities
  • -Boosts GI immunities to prevent digestive infections such as traveler’s diarrhea
  • -Helps manage the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome
  • -Supports optimal absorption of food nutrients and energy metabolism
  • -Helps support healthy skin conditions
With its five proprietary strains, this probiotic is safe for all two-legged members of your family. But don’t forget your green, leafy veggies!

Tip 3 – Building Focus.

To keep your family on their tootsies and mentally focused, try diffusing one of these: Peppermint or Wild Orange . These oils have the ability to animate our minds, energize our senses, and enhance memory patterns. You’ll find that the emotional connection to the scent, builds a pattern of memory that allows your kids to recall the material previously studied.

Tip 4 – Keep ‘em Balanced.

School: new teachers, new friends, new routine, new learning material, and tests. Lot of ‘new’ can tilt anyone’s inner harmony off it’s axis and create unnecessary stress and anxious feelings. Help ground your family with a calming essential oil blend , it promotes tranquility and well, balance.

Rub it on the bottom of their feet, temples, and/or the back of the neck, or simply diffuse this blend into your atmosphere. Compliment your new found peace with a peaceful essential oil blend or simply try Lavender. Once everyone is winding down for the eve, apply to the bottom of the feet, sprinkle a few drops in for bath-time or place a couple drops on their pillowcase.

Happy Oiling – Be well!

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